If termite activities are detected within the property during the inspection, our inspector will recommend the best course of action. Chemical treatment is not the only way of addressing the issue, other options are also available depending on different situations.

Get Rid of the Live Termites

First, A termite nest eradication/live termite activity control treatment need to be carried out. After the treatment, we will return to the property to check again in 2-4 weeks time. Follow-up treatments will be required with No Extra Charges until all termite activities are ceased. Radar sensor will be used to confirm the result in front of the customer. We will revisit the property in 2-4 weeks again after every follow-up treatment. Our customer only need to pay one single fee which is quoted before the job commence and no more other fees or hidden charges after that.


How if termite activities are detected by the property owner before the professional inspection?

Answer: Termites are “silent eaters”. Without annual professional inspections, property owners usually don’t know they’re there until substantial damage has been done. Once termite activities are found in the property, do not disturb them, do not tackle termites yourself by using any types of aerosol or DIY termite spray. Please be aware that a termite nest may have a population of up to 1 million. Chemical spraying can kill a part of its population but will not eliminate the whole nest. Instead, it will scare the termites and ­result in them beating a hasty retreat to attack somewhere else in the same building. This makes it worse as now the detected termite activities become undetected again. Please note that the property is not safe until the whole population of the termite nest have been completely eliminated. Get expert help once termite activities are detected and make sure to always check BOTH the PMT (Pest Management Technician) license and current CoC (Certificate of Currency) of anyone who claims to be an expert in the area. Only licensed pest control technician that ALSO qualified to carry out timber pest jobs has the CoC that covers both Termite Management and Timber Pest Inspections.

What is Next?

After all termite activities are ceased, we then need to carry out another treatment to prevent future termite infestation into the buildings. There are many options available in the market so there are always choices. Unlike many of our competitors offering only one single type of prevention treatment to their customers, we will first explain the pros and cons of all available options. Then we will recommend a few options that most suitable for the particular property. In this way, Customers will know exactly what they can get before making their decisions.

Drill through concrete surface for chemical treatment

Trench the soil to apply chemical

Trench around each pier and also trench on the other side of the perimeter wall inside the subfloor area

Core drill into concrete area to install bait stations

Drill through multiple layers of concrete until reach the soil

Choices of caps to cover the holse after installation of bait station

Seal the holes using silicon plugs with matching colour after injecting chemical through the drilled holes into the soil underneath the concrete area by high pressure chemical pump

bait stations are now underneath the stainless steel caps

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