Thermal Imaging Camera

We also use Flir imaging camera in our inspections with No Extra Cost to our customers. Here are some examples of using thermal imaging camera.


In old days, while termite radar is not available, borescope has been used more frequently to inspect suspicious areas with high moisture reading. We still use borescope now in some cases. Again, there is No Extra Cost to our customers when we have to use borescope.

With a 9mm diameter and four LEDs, the head of this inspection camera can capture video and pictures in confined and dark locations. The head and flexible boom being IP67 rated enables them both to be submerged in water during operation.

How long does a termite inspection take?

It depends on many factors such as the size of the property. However, it normally takes at least 90 minutes in order to do a complete inspection for a domestic house with average size. Sometimes it takes more than 2 or even 3 hours. Leading Pest Control refuses to carry out any rushed jobs even just a $80 general pest control job.

The Process of our Termite Inspection

  1. Start the inspection for internal area. Check moisture level on all accessible walls  and try to detect termite movement inside wall cavities using Termatrac T3i;
  2. Use Flir thermal imaging camera for further inspection for internal area;
  3. Check timber objects (such as door frames and window frames) that attached to the building using tapper;
  4. Inspect garage and out buildings;
  5. Inspect external area including wall exterior, carport, fences, garden and landscaping timbers, timber retaining walls, slab edge and more;
  6. Inspect roof void;
  7. Inspect Subfloor area (If there is a subfloor underneath the building);
  8. Take off the dirty uniform and put on a clean company uniform before talking to the customer;
  9. Talk to the customer regarding to the findings during the inspection and provide recommendations to prevent future termite infestation;
  10. If termite activities are found during the inspection, explain to the customer regarding to the options for termite nest elimination treatment;
  11. Collect payment from the customer;
  12. Email a 8-page report to the cutomer in 1-3 days after the inspection;
  13. Notify the customer that the report has been sent to him/her by SMS or phone. Resend the report if required.